Special offer from Qplaze!

Qplaze Poker Online gives each player 100,000 chips before May 1st at the price of one dollar.
Now you can buy chips:
100 000 = $1
500 000+20% = $5
1 000 000+30% = $10
2 000 000+40% = $20
5 000 000+50% = $50
10 000 000+100% = $100
20 000 000+150% = $200
Such an offer is impossible to resist ... Hurry up!

The last games for J2me platform

"Tribia Vikings" and "Wars and Kingdoms" are the last games which has been released by the company for J2me platform.

The era of J2me games coming to its end...

But true devotees of Java games will keep cell phones forever.

Hurry up to download "Tribia Vikings" and "Wars and Kingdoms"on your cell phones!

They are available at web sites of content providers at your countries.

More pics and info here: http://play.qplaze.com/en/

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Age of Heroes Online got new Super Administrator on "English Server" with hero name "Lollipop". There are now three Super Administrators who will keep game good and controle server until game don't be updated. Soon coming new great offers and events. Don't forget Quiz on Saturday !!

AOHO Official Quiz Season II | Qplaze

AOHO Heroes !! Are you ready again for great quiz? On Saturday, 25 february, 2012 at 16:00h GMT starting AOHO Official Quiz Season 2. Invite all your friend's to this event, and refresh your knowledge until 25th February !! Reward for 21th question is now 2.000.000 gold !! What you waiting for? Invite your friends now !!

AOHO Official Quiz | Season 1 (Coming Soon)

What's new? AOHO Official Quiz Coming Soon !! What you think that will be for that great event who going to be every week? It's the right time to earn much gold for yourself. Season 1 is near, so fast tell your friend's about this event and wait right time to earn much gold ! Stay tuned.

Nomoc Publishing Company and a game studio Qplaze congratulate all players with the New Year!

In the next year we intend to release new games Qplaze Poker online (the name speaks about the essence of the game) and turn-based strategy with RPG Total Siege, based on the principle of tower defense. Both games will be available for the newest mobile platforms iOS and for the first time for Android.
And remember - game belongs to the players from the time of release. We wish you the good acquisitions in the New Year!
Health, happiness and victories in battles!

There are more than 500 AOHO players in Viet Nam! And that's only a beginning!

Server in Vietnam was launched only two months ago, but AOHO immediately won the hearts of rigid warriors of Ho Chi Minh ...

At the moment there are more than 500 players online!
The Vietnamese comrades teach us how to love the game ...
That's their web site: http://aoho.vn/
Hopefully, after a great update, which is coming, new players will come on all servers.


Phatwick Bash wrote this funny story at FB.

Son asks his mother:

- Mom, can I borrow your credit card? I need to
buy DG...


-What is DG?


- Its a dralon gimp, a synthetic acrylic fibre cloth. I need this stuff for my school project.

- Ok. Here you are. Starting today I'll let you buy this kind of  cloth. Don't forget to make one for me. Deal?